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Why Buy Organic & Natural Baby Clothing ?

The choice between conventional and organic & natural clothing for your baby is a simple one. Organic & Natural baby clothing has countless advantages over its synthetic substitutes and is proven to be better for the baby's health and well being.

It is a lesser known fact that cotton, the primary constituent part of conventional clothing, is one of the most chemically treated crops in the world. From fertilizers to pesticides to synthetic dyes, numerous chemicals are used to process cotton fibers, traces of which remain on the clothes manufactured. These traces get absorbed into the baby’s skin and may cause long term damage to the child’s wellness.

Conventional baby clothing often leads to various allergic reactions in children. Moreover, there is also the risk of skin diseases involved in the use of synthetic baby clothes.

It is for this very reason that organic & natural clothing is the best and most suitable option for your little one. These clothes are 100% natural, safe, chemical free and gentle on baby’s skin. Not only is this good for your baby but is also great for the environment. No chemicals or non-toxic substances are used in the making of these products and so by opting for them you leave the planet a little cleaner and a lot greener.

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Affordable Organic & Natural Baby Clothes

Dress your little one up in cute and comfortable organic baby clothes! Today’s top organic and natural baby clothes designers are all here: Nui Organics, Wee Urban, Woombie, Under the Nile, Magnificent Baby, Aden Anais, Iplay, BabyLegs, Green Bean Baby, MimiTen, Glo Baby, and L'ovedBaby Gl'oved.

Our collection comes in a variety of materials including a wide selection of organic cotton baby clothes. These pieces offer to utmost in style, comfort and safety for your child.

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Woombie Convertible Non-vent Swaddle- Heather Grey
Our Price: $45.99
Sale Price: $41.99
Woombie Non Vented Convertible Swaddle - Mint O's
Our Price: $45.99
Sale Price: $41.99
Under the Nile Organic Kids Long John - Prism Navy
Our Price: $42.99
Sale Price: $39.99
Woombie Organic Merino Wool Sleeper (Swaddle) - Metro
Our Price: $65.99
Sale Price: $58.99

Wee Urban Cotton and Bamboo Dress - Pink Giraffe
Our Price: $28.99
Sale Price: $25.99
Wee Urban Cotton and Bamboo Dress - Taupe Elephant
Our Price: $28.99
Sale Price: $25.99


Healthy Cleaners for Organic Natural Baby Clothes

Once you’ve got your organic baby clothes don’t forget the all-natural detergents. The last thing you want to do is coat your baby’s organic clothes in harsh chemicals when you clean them. At BabyJoy.ca, we offer a variety of natural alternatives to keep your natural baby clothes looking great.

Choose from a wide selection of non-toxic Detergent & Soaps that are safe for hand washing or in a machine washer. You can also get eco wash balls and dryer balls. From the packaging to the ingredients these products are super eco-friendly.

Organic Natural Baby Clothes Sale

When it comes to organic baby clothes you don’t have to spend more to get better quality attire. Our organic baby clothes sale is always going on so that parents can get great deals on dozens of items. Just look for the red Sale Price label or search the Sale section to see the latest deals. (View all clothing sale)

Buy Baby Clothing Online

Enjoy fast & free shipping on order of $39 or more. All organic & natural baby clothes are shipped from our warehouse in Toronto, Ontario. We also offer an option of Pick-up for Toronto or GTA (Greater Toronto Area). When checkout, simply select 'SELF PICK UP at Toronto'. For Pick-Up location, (Click Here)