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Healing Amber

What is Baltic Amber Healing Therapy?

In Europe, Baltic Amber has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to pain, especially for teething babies. This traditional healing practice makes use of the fossilized resin as a natural, drug-free solution to the pain of teething. Necklaces and bracelets made of amber beads worn by the baby provide the most simple and natural solution to pain relief for the newborn.

How does Amber Healing works?

Amber is a natural analgesic which contains succinic acid, a natural compound that works as an antidote to the pain and inflammation that accompanies teething. This compound gets released in minuscule amounts from the amber beads due to the baby’s body heat along with other healing oils and is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. It then provides relief from ache and assists in general well-being.

What is the suitable age for this practice?

The ideal age to begin amber healing therapy is 3-4 months when the child starts teething. This can continue even after the teething process is over.

At BabyJoy.ca, you will find wide range of 100% natural Baltic Amber necklace and bracelet from Healing Amber that has been carefully crafted to provide your baby with an infant hood sans pain and soreness. With Healing Amber, you don’t have to spend many sleepless nights trying to comfort your baby.

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Benefits of Amber Healing

- It is completely organic and non-toxic.

- It is a natural analgesic that provides pain relief.

- There are absolutely no side effects.

- The amber beads are warm to touch and extremely light and comfortable to wear.

- The necklace breaks if pulled too hard. Hence there is no threat of accidental choking or strangulation.

- It has a very calming and soothing effect on the baby due to its therapeutic properties.

- It is the most simple and hassle-free solution to the problem of teething pain, especially for new parents.

CAUTION: The amber bracelets and necklaces are meant for wearing and not chewing. Do ensure that your baby does not chomp on them or wear them while sleeping.