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Baby Pillows and Sacks

At BabyJoy.ca, you will find huge selection of safe organic or non toxic pillows and sacks for your baby. Featuring brands like Naturepedic, Nook Sleep, Keep Leaf, Mayukori, and more.

At BabyJoy.ca, you will also find products for treating Flat Head Syndrome. What is Flat Head Syndrome?. Flat head syndrome occurs as the infant’s head develops a flat spot when pressure gets exerted on a particular part of the skull. The reason for this is that a newborn’s cranium is delicate and incredibly pliable and remains so for the initial few weeks after birth. (Read More)

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True Two L'ovedbaby Organic Nursing Pillow Naturepedic Toddler Pillow
Naturepedic Organic Kapok/Cotton Toddler Pillow
Our Price: $62.99
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